We Want To Help You!

During our two years of hardwork, we have worked with dozens of webmasters & affilate programs, we have learned from some of the best programs to be with programs that bring amazing content , alongside our own sites to help our learning curve, we look forward to working with more programs & affiliates on our forever quest to learn everything we can, for now we offer advice and sections up for sale to help you and your brand grow!

What we offer for sale

We use close to 400-500 rss feeds, if you have rss feeds that you want to showcase to more people we’re your perfect choice 



our tube sites are great places for sponsor videos, we provide the platform for many webmasters and affilates to showcase what they got to our audience

if you have under 1000 videos its free

over 1000? 5$ per 1k 

*must be hosted by you* 

TGP’s bring in good amount of views as long as you can convert on your end

please have a minimum of 300 single posts ready

our Gallery site will serve as a place for Galleries to live , we will host all photos unless you have something in store

however we ask that the minimum amount of galleries you have is at least 100

under 1000 galleries – 10$ 

over 1000$ – 15$ per 1000

Text Links, will be found on our tgp & blog sites and will stay for one year unless site becomes unreachable

We primarily use exoclick for most ad sells, but we do have permanent ad placement up for sale depending on ad space

250*250 – 10$ 2 months per space

300*250 – 20$  2 months per space

160*600 – 15$ 2 months per space 

video ad placement ( 300*250 ) – 30$ per space 1 month

900*250 – 30$ per space 1 month

Under Video Ad Placement (728*90/900*250) 50$ per site 1 month 

If you need Content we will give you content we have! the price is free just contact us & tell us what you need! 

Affiliate Programs To Join

To Sex Workers Wanting a Platform To Make More

If you want to create a forever flow of income for the work your doing, onlyfans helps with just that, we’ve helped mutiple women and men get started up on onlyfans!, you can create a great stream of side money off onlyfans, so sign up and see what you can do!

Starting Soon in 2020

If you’re new to the adult business, we plan to give you tips and tricks alongside affiliate reviews over the course of 2020, our new mission is to help anyone who needs it in 2020, so if you want to learn stay tuned!